Would Golf Lessons Be Good For My 6 Year Old?

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December 8, 2020
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Golf Lessons. A golf Instructor and a boy practicing on a Golf Practice Range

I recently watched the first part of a documentary on HBO about Tiger Woods. It was amazing to see someone as young as two years old, hitting a golf ball so well! While two years old may be a little too young to start learning the game of golf, six years old is most certainly not. There are many junior golf programs around the world that you can get your six year old involved in. Some of them, such as First Tee, have progrmas for children as young as five years old.

Many of these programs are not only focused on the game of golf; in fact, they focus heavily on life skills along with golf. Some of these life skills include social interaction and emotional management. This is extremely helpful to a child’s development. A junior golf program can teach a six-year-old how to hit a five iron, with a smile and a good attitude!

Golf is a relatively safe activity, and most junior golf programs are taught in an outdoor classroom setting with children of the same age. Your child will be able to make friendships that can last a lifetime. Many high schools around the United States have golf as a high school sport. Junior golf, is where many of these athletes get their start. Golf can also be a great father-son or mother-daughter activity. It’s a lot easier to bond with your six year old on the golf course than the skate park.

The golf course is where many business deals are made. Taking golf lessons at an early age will help prepare your child for the business world. Even if your six year old takes a month of lessons and wants to give it up, they will still retain some of the knowledge learned if they want to pick the game back up later in life.

The best part about getting your child involved in golf, is getting them out of the house and involved in a healthy activity. At six years old, the preparation that a child gets to play the game of golf, will lead them to a life away from the game console and out of the basement.

As an outdoor sport, golf is played in some of the most majestic settings known to man. Being exposed to nature will give your child an appreciation for the outdoors at a young age. This will be an educational experience for them, as they will get to learn about different plants and animals. A good golf instructor will teach your child the importance of taking care of our environment.

Considering other activities, golf is without a doubt one of the best to get your child involved in! A good instruction program will cover more than just the game of golf; and more than likely, your six-year-old, will grow into a better person because of it!