What to Look for in Your Ideal Set of Women’s Starter Golf Clubs  

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September 19, 2021
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Having the right kind of golf club can make the difference between a good game you can enjoy and one that frustrates you. As with any piece of sporting equipment, you will want to ensure that the clubs you choose are ideal for your needs. A standard set of golf clubs will typically consist of seven iron clubs, three wood clubs, a putter, and two wedges. Here are a few things to consider as you shop for your ideal women’s starter golf clubs.

Swing Speed
Everyone has a different stature and a different swing speed when it comes to golf. These two factors can have a significant impact on your performance in a game.

You need to ensure that the clubs you are inspecting are the correct type for both your stature and swing speed. You can have your swing speed measured at many local golf retailers. If your swing speed is relatively slow, you may want to consider flexible clubs that offer a broader clubface.

Finding The Right Wood
Again, it all comes down to your swing speed. A 3, 5, and 7-wood club will be excellent additions for women with a swing speed of 70mph and above.

Women with a swing speed of 60mph or lower ought to consider replacing the 3-wood with a 9-wood that offers a flexible shaft. A titanium clubface may also prove to be beneficial. If you find that you are having difficulty getting the ball into the air, consider a club with a higher degree of loft to it.

The Iron And Wedge
For women who are just starting their golfing adventures, a 6- or 7-iron can become their longest iron, taking the place of the typical 5-iron. If you find that you lack distance when taking a swing, it may benefit you to replace a long iron with a hybrid instead.

Golfers with a slower swing speed may find it challenging to find a suitable iron and wedge. Irons that can offer a back cavity with weighting can significantly assist with slow swing speed issues.

The sand wedge should have a bare minimum loft of 56 degrees, where your pitching wedge should have a minimum of 4 degrees more than your standard 9-iron club.

You may also wish to consider a lob wedge as a handy extra club in your bag. This club can be helpful for when you need to hit the ball over the bunker while being close to the green.

Try Your Clubs Out
When it comes right down to it, the golf clubs that are ideal for you will be the ones that you feel comfortable using. You should not have to struggle to get a comfortable grip or position when handling an ideal club. A club that is right for you should not feel cumbersome to swing.

These are factors that can only be determined by trying golf clubs that interest you out. If you cannot try out a specific club, try one with similar specifications.