What Is Lag Putting

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Lag putting is a technique in golf that involves the player delaying their putt for as long as possible. This delay can last up to five seconds, which buys them time to read the green and see any obstacles or slopes that need to be accounted for before they strike the ball. The primary goal of lag putting is to reduce mistakes on short putts by giving players more time than usual to assess what they’re about to do.

Lag putting is designed to help golfers with their putting, making better decisions before hitting the ball. In a sport where mistakes can be costly, and others depend on their performance, everyone can benefit from lag putting.

When Is Lag Putting Necessary?

1. Uneven Surfaces

When the green’s surface is uneven, this means there are small mounds of dirt or hills of grass that can affect how the ball travels after being struck. Players have to lag putt to see these things and assess their situation before making a move to get a better idea of what will happen when they putt.

2. Look for Obstacles/Slopes

Players may find that some obstacles or slopes can affect how the ball moves and travels on any given putt. By lag putting in these situations, golfers will see where their ball is going after contact with it and can make better decisions when they start their putt.

3. To Practice Slow Play

In professional golf, players are required to make a shot within forty seconds. This is known as “slow play,” If a player doesn’t abide by these rules, they’ll be penalized or even ejected from the game. To help with this, lag putting is an effective way to practice slow play.

4. To Increase Success Rate

Due to lag putting, players can better read the green and determine how their ball will travel after it’s struck. This increases their chance of successfully making a shot, which is especially important for golfers who depend on their performance during game time.

How to Lag Putt

1. Read the Green

Before a golfer can begin their putt, they have to take a moment and assess the green. When players lag putt, they need to determine if there are any obstacles or slopes to consider before putting towards the cup. This helps them make better decisions when making a short shot.

2. Determine the Distance

For a golfer to lag putt, they have to know how far away they are from the cup. This means they’ll have to use various techniques and equipment in their bag to determine its exact distance. If this method fails, players will need another way of measuring the shot’s length.

3. Assess the Putting Surface

Before they ever make a move, players need to look over the green and find any obstacles or slopes that can affect their ball’s movement. If they see something, this is a sign that they need to lag putt instead of starting with a regular putting stroke. Once they have found what they need to know, they can make their shot and attempt to sink it.


As golfers can attest, lag putting is a helpful skill to use the green surface more efficiently. By assessing what’s going on around them and delaying their putt as long as they can, players have more time to make decisions and sink their ball into the hole with little difficulty or trouble. For those looking for ways to improve their game, lag putting is a skill you can’t afford to ignore.