Tips To Help You Find The Right Golf Club Shaft For You

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August 18, 2021
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What’s the difference between regular flex and stiff flex? The subject of shaft flex has become a hot button in the world of golf. The common focus in the golf world right now is for individuals to find the right golf club for their swing correctly. This inevitably leads to many discussions about shaft flex, club weight, and of course, club length.


So, what is the difference between regular flex and stiff flex? Regular flex has more flex in it when compared to stiff flex. Regular flex will feel stiff and un-symmetrical to the swing if you have a weaker grip on your club. Stiff flex offers a more forgiving swing where your wrists do not lock as much as they do with regular flex.


As you can see from the above comparison, there are plenty of golf club shafts to choose from. What is your preferred shaft material? Steel, titanium, or aluminum? Ladies, there are even flex options now for ladies golf clubs as well.


Graphite is the most popular choice for most golfers as it is light, very affordable, and it provides a good amount of forgiveness. Graphite shafts are typically low energy as well as they are more sensitive to speed. They do provide good distance but do not have the same forgiving characteristic as a steel or titanium shaft. It’s best to find golf clubs that are made of high carbon and graphite or which use a blend of both materials. Many top tour pros prefer graphite shafts due to its sensitivity to speed and how forgiving it is.


Titanium and steel shafts are also popular among beginners. These shafts are stiffer than graphite shafts and are stiff enough to produce more forgiveness while still providing excellent distance. Because of their stiff nature, these shafts are generally reserved for professionals and tournament golfers. However, the main advantage to steel and titanium shafts is that they are light, which enables a beginner to increase their swing speed and distance.


Flex shafts vary greatly in terms of their stiffness. Most golfers won’t notice much of the difference between a flex and a steel shaft. A good tip is to check your trajectory and experiment with different flexes until you find one that feels best for you.


Beginners should focus on getting a shaft that offers them the amount of forgiveness that they need to make consistent swings. This comes from the fact that the amount of forgiveness offered by most regular flex clubs is very small. The exception to this is from driver-shafts, which typically offer more forgiveness on their short irons than their long irons.


While the pros generally favor heavier shafts for longer drives, many junior players also use flex as a way to gain a bit of distance. Senior flex does have advantages, though. Most senior golfers tend to swing the club faster than their younger counterparts and are therefore more likely to be more forgiving of mistakes. However, if a golfer hits a few key shots with a stiff shaft they will notice a decrease in distance and accuracy.