Tips For Hitting Out Of A Sand Trap

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February 18, 2021
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April 17, 2021

Many golfers find themselves hitting out of a sand trap way too often. This is unfortunate because it can often be fixed. The question is, what do you need to fix? The tips below will give you the tools you need to correct this problem.

The first thing you should remember when trying to get out of a sand trap is that you should always stand behind the ball. This means you should have at least two feet between the ball and the person who is standing in front of the sand trap. If you stand in front of the sand trap and shoot, you will likely run into the trap anyway, which defeats the purpose. Stand behind the ball, so the sand trap will not obstruct your view of your approach shot.

Now that you know where you should be and are not standing in front of the ball, take a look at the type of club you are using. Most wedges are designed to hit the ball from behind, so make sure that you use them for this shot. Otherwise, the ball will go in front of you instead of behind. This can lead to difficulty getting the club back in play after it is struck.

Now that you have identified the type of club you should use, the next step is to aim at the ball. You should place your entire body behind the ball, with your elbows bent and just a little bit extended out. If you are hitting a wedge, make sure your right foot is set firmly on the ground, with your left foot in a similar position. The reason for this is that wedges tend to give you more height than a driver does, and it requires that you keep your upper body fairly still as well. A driver needs to be upright, so that it can drive the ball in a straight line.

Once you have the club aimed at the sand trap, make sure that you release the club completely from your hands. Then, take a very deep and powerful shot, taking care to make your follow-through consistent and complete. Don’t waste any time getting the club back into play, as your follow through determines how far the ball will travel. Remember, if you don’t get this right, it is virtually impossible to hit out of the sand trap again!

Once your follow-through has been completed, ensure that you square up with the sand trap again. Then, take another deep and strong shot, this time taking just about two steps back from the sand trap, but remaining right behind it. Then, simply swing back into the sand trap once more. This will send the ball flying further than you ever thought was possible. And, to really help yourself groove this trick, try getting behind the sand trap while swinging backwards into it! Your best bet is to get the club totally behind the trap, but not quite behind it yet.