The Correct Way To Swing A Golf Club

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March 23, 2020
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May 25, 2020

Which is the most efficient way to swing a golf club? It is a question asked by beginners many times. In the words of Bobby Jones, one of the American golf legends, ‘You swing your best when you have the fewest things to think about.’ But for those who are starting in this classic game, actually thinking and practicing the process of swing the golf club will significantly improve your game and would help to reach a more natural movement.

Once you have learned to grip the iron, to position the ball, and stance correctly in front of it, you can start thinking in swinging a golf club. For beginners, the objective is to concentrate on producing a consistent and straight shot. In theory, we need to generate a rotation movement that allows the golf club to go in and around from the target line. This opening and closing rotation consist of three phases.

First, locate yourself correctly in front of the ball; missing doing so will derivate in an incorrect swing. Then prepare yourself to start the Backward rotation. Now having the iron grabbed, forming a perfect triangle with your arms and shoulder, you should move your upper body 90 degrees in a backward-bound. Maintaining this triangular pose would help in improving your swing. Hips and knees will rotate only 45 degrees backward. You know you are doing the correct movement when you feel your body weight on the right knee. Once you reached the desired length, start the swing frontward, keeping an eye on the ball.

Second, Just hitting the ball with the desired strength, is not enough. It is essential to know how to hit the ball. The clubface must be open to hit the ball. Only when you hit it, you can start to close the face of the club; that way, you guarantee better accuracy. Also, to improve the precision of your shot, align shoulder and feet with the target line. These are the part of the body that determine the objective of the ball.

Now that you already hit the ball is time to close the rotation making the front swing. Continue the rotation movement of your shoulders until your hands past your head, completing the rotation movement to the left side. It is also important to relax your spinal once you hit the ball. To help in this, move your head only after you hit the ball. Finally, it is practice alone that makes the master. Keep trying the rotation movement until it feels natural, and you can concentrate on more important business, such as winning.