Should I Get Fitted For Golf Clubs

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July 16, 2022
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As golfers, we all love the game. Few people would say no to it because it is a great sport and a fun way to spend outside. However, whether you are new to the game or have been playing for years, some things can make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.

One thing that has become very popular recently (due to technological advancements) is getting fitted with clubs and then purchasing them online later. Nowadays, of course, you have the option of finding clubs on your own by going in-store or online; however, if you decide that this option isn’t for you, we’ll break down exactly what options are available out there today as well as pros and cons of each one.

How to Get Fitted for Golf Clubs
There are two main ways to get fitted for clubs. The first is done in-store at a golf shop that has golf professionals on hand. It is the quickest way to get served but comes with a downside: expense. The second option is done via mail order, where you’ll receive a set of clubs, and you’ll answer a survey about how it feels after playing several rounds. You’ll be sent more (or different) clubs until it feels right for you.

The Cost
In-store fitting is the most popular way to get fitted for clubs, but it’s also the most expensive. For an hour of your time and $200, you can get equipped with some $2,000 worth of clubs. Several factors come into play when it comes to club fitters.

First is experience; more experienced fitters typically know what they are doing better than others and can prevent you from buying clubs that will not work well with your swing. The second factor is the equipment used; some companies use very high-tech motion capture systems, while others use a simple mirror to determine what length your driver should be about your height.

By Mail
A mail order fit is cheaper than an in-store fitting, but there are tradeoffs. For starters, you won’t be able to talk to anyone about the results of your fitting, so you’ll be forced to trust what the survey says. Mail order fitters can also be less experienced than their in-store counterparts, as they don’t really have any live interaction with golfers and therefore cannot fix swing flaws. The great thing about mail order fittings is that they cost around $50 and can be shipped to your doorstep.

How They Work
The goal of club fitters is to find the right combination of length, lie, grip size, and shaft flex based on your physical attributes. Both in-store and mail order fitters use the same software to run their fittings, so you’ll get a similar, accurate experience no matter what system you choose.

In-store Fitting
If you go with an in-store fitting, a golf professional will take measurements of your height, weight, and arm length to get started. They will then play a few holes with you using clubs previously purchased by other golfers. If the club feels good and doesn’t see anything wrong with your swing, they’ll take you through the fitting process. First, they’ll have you try different shafts to see if the ball goes where you want it to. Once that has been determined, they’ll decide on length based on how far back your arms are from your body when holding a golf club at the address. Finally, the club is adjusted for lie angle and grip size.

Getting appropriately fitted is the key to successful golf. The best thing about getting held is that it can be done quickly. Serving someone in an hour is not only possible but probable with many quality shops. It’s much easier to do it yourself and save money than going to a pro shop.

Most companies offer a one-of-a-kind experience that immediately makes you feel confident and comfortable with their product. Most importantly, by doing it yourself, you get what you want instead of just filling out a survey and hoping for your best.