How To Hit A Driver Straight And Far

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June 19, 2022
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August 19, 2022

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If you want to hit a golf driver straight and far, you need to master the fundamentals of hitting a golf ball. Follow these tips, and you’ll be hitting the ball well into the green with ease.

The physics of a golf swing

When you take your golf club and hit the ball, there are four physical laws that govern how it will travel. These four Laws of Golf are Newton’s first, second, and third Laws of Motion. Taken together, they state that a force is always in motion, an object is at rest until acted upon by an outside force, and the momentum of an object is conserved.

You can do several things to help ensure your golf drive travels straight and far. One is to practice with a different clubface angle; if you face your club head down the center of the clubface, you’ll want to face it towards the ground when hitting your drive. This will cause the clubhead to swing more horizontally. You can also try angling your back shoulder higher than normal when hitting your drive; this will cause your upper body to rotate more and help keep your clubhead on a plane as you swing.

Other things you can do to hit a golf shot straight include keeping your hands close to your body during the swing, maintaining a consistent backswing tempo, and ensuring that you have good balance throughout the swing.
Remember: practice makes perfect!

How to improve your distance with practice

If you’re looking to improve your distance on the golf course, you need to focus on hitting your driver straight and far. Here are a few tips to help you achieve these goals:

Practice in a consistent environment. Hit the same shot over and over again so that you can get used to the feel of the club in your hand and the flight of the ball. This will help you learn how to hit the ball consistently and accurately.

Find a target that allows you to hit your driver far. If you’re struggling to hit your driver far, try hitting shorter shots farther away from the green instead of closer to it. This will help increase your range.

Avoid over-hitting your drive. Too often, golfers try to hit their driver too hard, which results in an inaccurately struck ball that doesn’t travel far. Instead, aim for a middle ground where you strike the ball with enough power but not so much that it goes off the tee too quickly or hooks sharply in flight.

Tips for better ball striking

When you hit a golf ball, you want it to go straight and far. Here are some tips for better ball striking:

1. Keep your backswing short and compact. This will help keep the clubface square to the ground at all times, which will help you hit the ball squarely.

2. Make sure to generate plenty of power with your backswing. Doing so will help you hit the ball with more accuracy and distance.

3. Use your wrists to adjust your clubhead angle throughout your swing. This will help you hit the ball higher and straighter with more stability.


You can do a few things to hit your golf driver straight and far. First, make sure that your clubface is square at the moment of impact. Second, keep your backswing short and smooth. Third, extend your arms fully during the swing. Fourth, relax your hands and wrists—don’t overdo it with grip pressure. Finally, allow gravity to take care of the rest; don’t try to influence the ball in any way other than by releasing it smoothly through the hitting zone. Practice these tips often and you should start seeing some improvement on the green!