How To Hit A 3 Wood

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September 21, 2022
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hitting a 3 wood

Something that golfers are often faced with on the course of a game is the challenge of hitting a hard-to-reach target. One such target is the 3-wood, which requires you to hit not just with your clubs but also with an intimidating array of power from both sides as you attempt to make this shot. Here is how you can achieve this 3-wood shot on every hole.

1. Make Sure You Have a Good Lie

Your 3-wood shot will require an impressive amount of power from the swing you build up. You will have to hit the ball a long way with an acrobatic swing that ends up in a spectacular sitting position. But without a good lie, you might hit it well left or right, resulting in a missed shot.

2. Place Your 3-wood High or Low

A good rule of thumb when hitting with the 3-wood is to aim the center of the pine straw placement on the green. This, again, depends on where your golfer’s ideal lie is. If he has a very good lie on his target hole, he may be aiming low and flicking off a shot, while if he has a less desirable lie, his desired aim would be towards the high part of the green.

3. Know Your 3-wood Accuracy

On every hole, your golfer has a sure accuracy which he can add to his final score. You will have to use this 3-wood accuracy with the perfect shot to get the highest score possible in your game. For example, if you are placing your shot towards the center of the green, your golfer’s accuracy rating should be at its highest. This is because a shot that lands anywhere else on the green will result in a lower score, so it will be necessary to have the ball land closer to the target when aiming for this accuracy rating.

4. Practice Your Swing

To ensure that you get a lot of accuracy from your shot, you must practice your swing. The first technique ensures you hit the ball constantly and fluidly. This will ensure that your swing is not interrupted and allows maximum control of the ball in all directions.

5. Add Power

Adding a little more power to your 3-wood shot is also important. You will need to hit it further than you normally would, requiring you to apply as much power as possible. For this, you should ensure that the swing is long and full of torque from both sides of the club. This will maximize the distance of your shot and enable it to land more accurately on its target.

By following these five tips when hitting your 3-wood shot, you can ensure your game is successful. Hitting the ball too far or too short will ruin your score, so with the right knowledge and application, you can ensure that you maximize your distance with the ball and land it on green every time.