How Far Should You Stand From The Golf Ball?

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November 13, 2020
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How far or close to the ball do I need to stand? This is a very common question among new golfers. Getting it right is always key. If one stands very closely or too far off, then the chances for having a perfect shot on the ball gets minimal.

However, there is no simplified universal answer for this query.

The solution can never be using a tape measure to get the exact distance at all times. It is all about what feels right and having an understanding of why that is the case. In this article, we will try and discuss the different elements to put into consideration to have the correct distance between a player and the ball.

Standing Very Close to The Ball.

It is very common for one to say that they are trying to make an aim to have the central point of the clubface to strike the ball. Normally, it is the first step for having a clean and square shot on the ball. But how can one tell that they are standing extremely close to the ball?

When this happens to be your case, then you might not have a perfect balance when swinging the club. Most golfers find a lot of challenges with this whereby, one hits the ball far off on their right, lift their head a bit too early, or they just don’t get a smooth flow on a swing. The major issue with this is that the swing will likely be too steep and usually very uncomfortable.

So, when you get to notice any of the above during your swing, then try to shift a fraction away
from your golf ball.

Having a Huge Distance Between You and The ball.

This issue tends to be the most common. Golfers tend to move a bit far from the ball. This mostly leads to a poor and misguided shot. Instead of having a perfect shot straight- through the ball, an armature puts in too much effort of having the clubface in the right direction during impact.

Experienced golfers usually widen their stance a bit. This mostly happens when they need to draw the golf or if the ball is above their feet. In many instances, one usually wants to have a nice, all-purpose comfortable position.

How Much Distance From The Golf Ball When Driving?

Comfortability and confidence are the most important factors here. When you observe experienced golfers, they normally don’t stand at the same exact distance from the tee. What they usually do is finding a stance and position that works in their favor.

As a beginner, one usually wants to start on a comfortable posture, straight back, and flexed knees. The mistake you need to avoid is having a forward shoulder lean and trying hard to close in on the ball. Having the driver firmly gripped within your hands, you simply need to relax your arms. This technique allows you to figure out how much distance needs to be between you and the golf ball.

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