How Do I Hit My Driver Further?

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January 23, 2021
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Whether you’re an amateur or a tour player, hitting your driver further is one of the key aspects to consider. Golf club manufacturers will tell you that investing in a new driver is all you need. However, you don’t need to part ways with your $500 just to hit the drive further.

There’s no need to set a lot of time for the gym. The following tips are enough to increase your driver distance within no time.

Relax your muscles
Normally, newbie golfers tee a shot to hit hard only to tense or rather flex their muscles. A relaxed muscle can have a higher range of motion than the one contracted. Once your muscles are relaxed, you will have a longer backswing, creating more clubhead speed.

It is crucial to avoid tensing up your muscles before and during hitting the driver. It also includes the grip. Most newbies have a tight grip, which messes up them during a golf swing. Make sure you keep your grip loose and nice too.

Tee your driver high
Among the biggest mistakes amateurs make is failing to tee the driver high. Remember that you need to hit a driver up to hit it pure and deep. However, it becomes harder to hit up on the driver when you have teed the ball low.

Teeing the driver high isn’t going to result in sky balls. Hitting down on the ball will leave awful sky marks.

Widen the stance
To stay balanced, you need a wider stance since the club is much longer. Make sure you don’t overdo it. All you need is to slightly widen your stance, making your feet wider than your shoulders. It is recommended that you position your feet slightly open to allow you to activate the lower body and also get a chance to get more turns.

You will easily get into the Reverse K position with a wide stance, giving you plenty of weight shift. Not forgetting that you will be more accurate as you won’t have to swing long to hit the driver further.

Adjust your loft
Before you even think about your swing, make sure you check your equipment. You won’t get the ball further if you’re using a driver that has a low loft. Most golfers want to have about 9.6 degrees of loft or more, which helps them carry it further into the air, which is crucial when you’re playing in the rain or during a winter golf season.

The majority of the drivers we have in the market are adjustable, making it easier for you to tinker with the loft settings at the range to improve your accuracy. More loft means more fairways!

Use the right golf ball.
If your top priority is to hit the ball further with your driver, ensure you are using the right golf ball. There are golf balls made for spin, others for distance, whereas others are a combination of the two.

Playing a ball that matches your goals and skill levels will give you leverage over your competitors. Don’t play a ball necessarily because your favorite golfer champion does; always pick the right one for your game.

Final words:
You don’t have to make a weird weight shift to hit the driver further. Working on your driver setup and staying focused on the target will help you start hitting bombs. Remember to use the above golf driver tips to take your skills to the next level. Consider taking some lessons at The 19th Green Golf.