Five Ways to Have the Best Round of Golf

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November 5, 2018
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February 15, 2019

Man Golfer Hitting Ball with Club on Beatuiful Golf Course.

When it comes to the game of golf, the basics consist of the drive, the approach, a test from either the rough or the sand, and one or two putts. Here are five ways to have the best round of golf, no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert.

  1. Get to the fairway. Before teeing off, align your feet and then move your rear foot back at least 3-5 inches. This allows more turn in the backswing, and it helps the club come inside the downswing, creating a draw instead of a slice. If you notice your ball curves with each shot, don’t play down the middle, as this gives you half the amount of fairway. For example – if the ball hooks right, play on the left edge of the fairway.
  2. Aim for the green. It takes quite a large amount of strength to play golf. Not only could you be overestimating your strength, but you could also be failing to hit the ball squarely with every shot. This reduces the impact, resulting in undershooting the green. Carefully select which iron you need, and then grab the iron that is one number below it. When lining up to hit the ball, move the iron head a few inches forward of the ball. The nose needs to be lined up at the front to help strike down onto the ball, creating a better shot.
  3. Find your way out of the rough. If you often find yourself in the rough, play a two/two/two. What this means is for you to choke down two inches on the club, stand so the ball is two inches back, and drop your front foot back two inches. Choking down two inches helps stiffen the club’s shaft, lowering the trajectory of the shot and giving you control. Moving the ball back allows you to hit it at a steeper angle, which helps you get out of the rough’s tall grass. Opening up your stance prevents you from swinging back too far while squaring the shoulders and providing extra command.
  4. Don’t get beached. If you find yourself in the sand bunker, don’t utilize swings that involve your wrists; take a more predictable approach. Line up in the middle of the ball with the majority of your weight on your leg that is forward. Keep the wrists straight and go hip to hip – swing the club back to hip level, swing through, hit the ball, and conclude with the club head at hip level.
  5. Improve your putting skills. Work on perfecting your long putts so you don’t have to three-putt your way to the hole. Once you’ve mastered the long putt, it should only take one or two putts to make it into the hole.