Benefits of a Wide Backswing

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September 4, 2018
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November 5, 2018
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Adding some width and wrist angle can preserve a decent amount of power in your backswing. While holding this angle, energy is stored and later released fully into the golf ball. A wider stance creates not only a wider swing, but it also creates a huge amount of torque between the upper and lower body during the backswing. This is known as the X-Factor – the more of an angle you have between the upper and lower body, the more torque the body has. This ultimately leads to a much faster release.

Try to avoid collapsing at the top of the swing – this will cause the swing arc to shrink, thus resulting in a substantial loss of power. This can also make holding the right spine angle quite difficult. Extend your left arm to ensure a long, wide backswing. Take the backswing as wide as you can

For practice, use two golf tees that are placed behind the golf ball. This promotes more width and will help you take longer lower backswings. Remember to follow through, as a full extension after coming in contact in just as important. Of course, the best way to practice is to come to see us at 19th Green. We’ll help you get all of the experience you need!