5 Golf Tips For Hitting Out Of A Bunker

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February 15, 2022
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Golf is a game of finesse and finesse equals control. You can hit a golf ball out of the bunker with a few simple tips. Bunkers are one of the most difficult aspects of golf to master. They require you to hit your shots online and in the right areas because you have to be able to control your shots for them to be successful. Here are some tips for hitting out of a bunker.

1. Find Your Distance

The first step is to find your distance! The secret behind hitting out of a bunker is that distance is key. You have got to make sure that you can get the ball in play from 100 yards away, especially after it has been buried in the sand on top of a hill. You need to get a feel for the hole and the distance it is. To do this, you can take a look at the hole on your scorecard or use a laser rangefinder.

2. Practice Pitching & Swinging

Once you have found your distance, practice pitching, and swinging. This will help you get used to hitting shots from bunkers, which is an essential skill in golf. You can also practice these shots on the driving range with a ball that has been set up for bunker shots. To hit the ball out of a bunker you need to be able to accurately hit the ball. The more you practice your pitching and swinging the less time you need to spend in a bunker. You also have a better chance of hitting the ball without it rolling back into the bunker.

3. Hit From The Rough

The next thing to do is hit from the rough instead of from the fairway. By doing this, it will allow you to hit balls into a different part of the course than what you normally would be hitting from. This will give you more options when it comes time to hit out of bunkers because there are many shots you can hit out of bunkers.

4. Hit With The Clubface Open

The next tip is to hit with the clubface open. When you are in the fairway, hitting with the clubface open is usually a good idea because it will give you more control over your shot. However, when you are in a bunker, hitting with the clubface open will give you less control over your shot because there isn’t much room for error and if you have too much room for error, it could lead to an awkward or bad shot.

5. Hit With The Clubhead Facing Downhill And Toward The Green

This last tip deals with how you hit out of bunkers. You should start by ensuring that your clubhead is facing downhill and toward the green. Doing this will allow you to hit a bunker shot without having to worry about any spin or loft on the ball which would be a bad idea if it was in play on the green but in a bunker, it is not.

A bunker shot is one of the most enjoyable aspects of golf. Bunkers can be difficult to control, but following the above tips on how to get out of a bunker, it will help make your game more enjoyable and help you improve. There are many different things that you can do to hit out of bunkers. You should practice and experiment to see which one works best for you.