5 Benefits of Getting Fitted Golf Clubs

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January 27, 2020
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March 23, 2020

There is a ton of debate in the golf community when it comes to the topic of fitted clubs. Many avid golfers swear by the service yet just as many think it is a total scam. In our experience, getting golf clubs fitted offers some key advantages for both beginners and pros alike. Here are the top 5 benefits of getting your clubs custom fitted.

1. They get tailor-made for your swing
When getting your clubs fitted, you always go in for a personalized appointment. A professional fitter analyzes your swing and details your unique club tendencies. Advanced software is used to ensure that no data is left out of the evaluation. Once the details are in place, the professional will identify the best shaft and clubhead for your individual profile.

2. It makes a huge difference in your performance
Once you have your custom clubs in tow, you will see a noticeable improvement to your score. The best way to test this for yourself is to visit the course you frequent the most. The familiarity you have with each hole will help you see the benefits firsthand.

3. It saves you money in the long run
While custom-fitting is a bit more expensive than buying a random set of clubs, you ultimately save money by going straight to the best equipment for your tendencies. As you strive to improve your score, you will want to keep buying different sets to see how they affect your game. Custom fitting services remove this trial and error process so you can get the best clubs right away. Buying a single custom set is way cheaper than buying a myriad of assorted products over time.

4. You can target a specific area of your game
Rather than going all out on a full set, many golfers choose to get a specific club custom fit in order to test the service. For instance, you may choose to order just a putter if that part of your game is the weakest. This allows you to bolster your skills in a more personalized manner. Once you confirm that the custom putter improves your score, you can opt to go back and complete the set if you so wish.

5. The service is quick and accessible
It has never been easier to find a custom fitting service. Many companies have sprung up all across North America and Europe. Once you find the closest facility to you, the appointment process only takes an hour. This means even golfers with little free time can still find a window in which to take their game to the next level. The 19th Green can custom fit your clubs for you.