4 Tips for Hitting Pure Irons Every Time

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May 4, 2020
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June 29, 2020

While the prestigious Masters has been postponed until November, golf is still on our minds. As we stretch our limbs from the long quarantine and courses begin to reopen, the technique is foremost in our thoughts. Because truly, if we excel at one thing as a species, it is perfecting our craft, whatever it happens to be. The game of golf requires practice, dedication, and above all, the marriage of persistence and patience. Here are 4 tips for hitting pure irons every time.

1. Relax your body and release tension

Golf is a sport of intense concentration. Release any pent-up energy before attempting your swing. Take a couple of deep breaths, making your exhalation one count longer than your inhalation. Roll your shoulders backward in preparation for your swing.

2. Get set over the ball

According to GolfDigest, the stance is crucial. The middle of each foot should be directly beneath the shoulder. This creates the perfect foundation for the weight shift as you swing. You should also position the ball correctly to achieve success. It should be in line with the logo of your shirt.

3. Swing wide and to the top

Perfect! Now it’s time to swing. Many novice golfers make the mistake of allowing their arms to collapse as they go back, but maintaining width is important. You can practice maintaining the right width by completing a simple drill until the movement comes to feel natural. Set up and then take your left hand off the club. Swing up. Now reach your left arm up. Feel that stretch in the left arm? That’s the angle you want to aim for.

4. Go down and through with your swing

Finally, as you swing downward, start by shifting your weight leftward. Your hands and arms will naturally descend into a good hitting position. Remember the stance we practiced early? It’s key for shifting your weight successfully and making the right contact with the ball. Whatever you do, don’t try to lead with your arms. With a little practice, you can replace less effective habits with better techniques.

Remember-golf is not only a physical game. It’s a mental one. Releasing all tension from your body before beginning is essential. An understanding of the physics of body and irons will also translate into a command of the game itself.

When honing your golf game, remember the three Ps:

Pause to consider the right tool for the job, whether it be your choice of apparel or the iron you select

Practice good technique

Persist, embracing every failure as a learning opportunity

Do these things and you will improve. Guaranteed.