3 Tips For Golf Beginners

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April 17, 2021
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Golf is one of the most beginner-friendly sports. Any age range is welcomed, from kids to senior citizens. While anyone can step on the green, there are some tips that will make your experience more fruitful. You may be intimidated at first when you get into golf. After all, it’s a very popular sport, so you’re likely to see experienced players who are miles ahead of you. It’s important to remember that even the seasoned golf-goers were once beginners as well. If you follow some of the tips laid out here, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a veteran.

Focus On Your Stance

Before you go off swinging, you must find a good golf stance that is firm and is comfortable for you. Start off with a wide stance. A narrow stance could limit the power behind your swing. On top of that, you will have difficulty maintaining your balance. The lack of power and balance will make for some ugly golf swings. This is something that many beginners experience. Be sure not to get frustrated if your swings aren’t perfect at the start. Having a firm stance isn’t as easy as it may appear. Keep finding ways to perfect your stance.

It’s All In The Posture

Many beginners find themselves tilting with their wrists. It’s a natural reaction but the true key to having good posture is in the hips. Be sure that you are tilting your hips. If you are hunching over, then you aren’t tilting your hips. Having your backside sticking out is also bad posture and you aren’t likely to have an effective swing. When tilting your hips, your lower back should be flat. If it’s rounded, then you will need to adjust. Also, it’s key to ensure that you aren’t overbending your knees.

The Proper Golf Swing

Try shifting your hips to the left when starting your swing. Your right elbow should be positioned downwards and backward just a tad bit. This is where the weight will begin to move forward and near the left foot. With your hips turning, it’ll feel as if your body is moving towards the actual swing. This is the magic of a perfect golf swing as you’ll have the perfect form to make solid contact. You aren’t likely to get this correct on your first try but keep practicing and you may even surprise yourself.