3 Steps to Fixing Your Golf Slice Forever!

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August 23, 2020
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SAINT-OMER, FRANCE. 16-06-2010, A golfer grips a club during the preview day of the European Tour, 14th Open de Saint-Omer, part of the Race to Dubai tournament and played at the AA Saint-Omer Golf Club .

As you start to play golf, you will experience some issues, including a golf slice. The issue is common among right-handed individuals. If you want to fix the golf slice, you can adhere to the following steps:

1. The plane, Path, and Release

To fix the golf slice issue, you should first fix the release, path, and swing plane. When you fix each of these issues, you will not slice as you play golf.

The plane and path are interconnected. For a golf player to slice, it means they are swinging over the top. When you understand the main reason behind your golf slicing, you can easily maneuver the issue.

Ensure the right side of your body does not dominate. As you take the right arm and throw the gold club hard, the shaft angle will be steep. In this case, the right arm will be loaded, and the muscles will want to fire up from the top. The best way to handle the issue is by unloading to ensure the shaft angle will be steeper. If your right side has dominated, ensure the left side dominated instead, and you will manage to handle the issue of slicing.

2. The Weight Shift Should Shallow Out the Swing Plane

It is advisable to focus on the weight shift. After combining the left arm and left side of the body, you will notice the weight shift. In this case, the golf club will shallow out. As for the weight shift, a golf player should shift the weight using their hips. Failure to do so, your head may move in front of the golf ball during the impact. Such a scenario is devastating, and you will lose a lot of power in the process.

As you shift your weight, you are supposed to focus on the body’s left side if you are right-handed. You will then pull your hips to the left side so that you can get a neutral alignment. By doing so, you will have addressed the issue of the path and plane.

3. The Golf Swing Release

Many golfers have the wrong perception of how the golf club should be released. Most of them usually release it using the body instead of using their arms. To learn more about the golf swing release, you can check out how some of the professional golf players go about it. Although the professionals know how to go about it, they were once newbies at some point. To perfect their golf swing release, they have managed to practice a lot.

Final Thoughts

Many golf players have had an issue with the golf swing. Fortunately, the issue can be solved by adhering to each of the three steps that have been outlined in this context.